We teach the highest quality traditional Northern Kung Fu, adapted to modern needs and culture.



Da SiFu Jong Hoon Jeon was trained in the rigid and uncompromising way of the old world, and instructed in intensive, free-hands sparing while learning Qi Gong and Northern Kung Fu forms from Grandmaster Sung Ho Kim. He currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, and is an acupuncturist and herbalist. 


This is a complete practice path for the body and mind, a single place where you can develop all parts of your body, psyche, and energy (Qi). Learn to express physical and energetic mastery through an ancient and powerful practice, from Chi Na ( 擒拿) to Kung Fu (功夫) to hard and soft Qi Gong (氣功). 

About SiFu

SiFu Keith Martin-Smith (Kogen Ananda) has been training for 25 years. He co-ran Master Jeon’s Philadelphia school from 2002-2005, leading 9 classes a week. In 2008 he was elevated by Master Jeon to a co-master, and in 2014 to a master, and is authorized to teach and transmit inside this lineage.  

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