Hollow Bones School has 14 levels of material. You can view the material in levels 1 - 8 here, although the more advanced material is not viewable by the public. 

Beginner Levels 

These are levels 1 - 2, and include all of the fundamentals one needs for a comprehensive study and practice of Northern Kung Fu. These levels include all of our basic kicks, strikes, sweeps, and spinning moves, as well as basic Qi Gong and awareness techniques. Slow-speed sparring and application are also taught at this level. 

Intermediate Levels 

Levels 3 - 6 move into more advanced kicks and strikes, more complex forms, and weapons training. Qi Gong techniques extend into more esoteric realms and practices, and students are taught more advanced breaking, grappling, and fighting techniques. Sparring moves to full speed, although with important safety checks in place. 

Advanced Levels 

Levels 7 - 8 complete the full spectrum of Shaolin and Traditional Kung Fu training. Students learn highly advanced forms, advanced Qi Gong techniques, and how to spar full speed and full contact. Iron Body and Iron Palm training is begun, and students are taught how to better gather and discharge energy through the body. 

Co-Master Levels 

Levels 9 - 12 involve a deepening of the esoteric parts of the training, as well as more advanced forms.  

Master Levels 

The final levels, 13 -14, involve learning all the elements of this system, from health and healing, to physical body mastery, to energetic and subtle energy manipulation. There are also highly advanced empty hand forms and weapons forms.