Traditional Chinese martial arts have been cultivated over thousands of years. They provide a complete practice path for the body and mind, a single place where a practitioner can develop all parts of their body, psyche, and energy (Qi). Hollow Bones Kung Fu of Boulder leads students through the training stages of physical and energetic mastery, an increasingly dynamic and powerful way to express your self-mastery through the body. 

Kung Fu

This includes Northern Shaolin forms and Northern Praying Mantis styles, through learning stances, strikes, kicks, blocks, and fighting techniques. Weapons include staff, spear, and broad and straight swords. 

Qi Gong

There is no Kung Fu without Qi Gong. Qi Gong is the development of carefully controlled breathing and postures to maximize the flow of energy in the body. Advanced Qi Gong includes training in Iron Palm and Iron Body, as well as techniques to store and discharge energy in dynamic, real-world scenarios.  

Self Defense and Free Sparring  

Adapting techniques to the real world is the difference between an esoteric energy or embodiment practice, and a martial art.  Student are trained to fight against other students, street fighters, senior students, other martial arts styles, MMA techniques including takedowns and escapes, and SiFu himself.  The goal is always the same: controlling your opponent by learning to control all parts of yourself: body and breath, mind and focus, emotions and intention. 

Children's Classes 

Due to the small size of our classes and the limited days we train as a group, there are currently no classes offered for children under the age of 14. Any child under the age of 18 will need signed permission from a parent or guardian, and demonstrate an interest in the kinds of focused training required for this practice.